USB C Cable Fast Charger PD 20W For iPhone iPad Macbook

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Product Feature

  • The same liquid silicone cable as the official mobile phone case, food-grade environmentally friendly silicone material.
  • Liquid silicone soft cable, silky feel like cattle grade, also has strong anti-fouling and dirt-resistant, never fade, can be washed and decontaminated.
  • Silicone cable-high-quality material for heat insulation / flame retardant / antifreeze. It maintains good elasticity at -60 ~ 200 ° C and silky touch without deformation. The harsh environment with an operating temperature of -60 ° C-350 ° C also maintains material stability.
  • Reinforced SR design, built-in Kevlar cable, subjected to 30,000 violent bending tests, 6 times the service life of the ordinary wire.
  • Bold Cable core makes charging more stable. It contains high-quality copper wire to stabilize the current. You don't need to wait for fast charging.



Fully Charged 75% In 30 Minutes

Official fast charge agreement, Double the charging speed

For IPhone12 30 min Charge Test
--- Ours PD cable: Capacity 75%
--- The 1st generation 1A data cable: Capacity 25%

Data Transmission Speed Up To 480Mbps

Reinforced SR Design Step Plug Design

Effectively avoid the model interface is too
loose and poor contact

Explosion-proof Connection Design

One-piece injection molding process, seamless connection, longer service life

After 3000 times of violent bending:
1. Liquid silicone data cable ——Durable and hard to break
2. Old data cable ——The connection easy to break

No Fear Of Hot Or Cold Elasticity Is Still Good

With heat insulation/ flame retardant/ antifreeze
It is also stable and durable in harsh environments
—At 350 °C Also stable and durable
—At-60 °C Also stable and durable

Authority Test
Food Grade Materials
With heat insulation/flame retardant/antifreeze it is also stable and durable in harsh environments

Food Grade Safe Material

Liquid silicone export-grade standard
silky smooth touch like milk

Note: What is liquid silicone?
—Liquid silicone is a kind of solid high-temperature vulcanized silicone rubber. Good mobility and fast vulcanization. Safer and environmentally friendly, can fully meet the requirements of food grade.
—Liquid silicone has excellent transparency, tear resistance, resilience, yellowing resistance, heat stability, water resistance, good air permeability, heat aging resistance, and weather resistance, mainly used in infants and young children Supplies, medical supplies, and electronics.

Baby Skin Ultra-fine Smooth Feel

Skin-friendly material, light and soft, resistant
dirt and wear, not easy to break

Bold Core Material Charging Is More Stable

1. High-quality copper wire, more stable A current transmission
2. Kevlar material

Note: What is Kevlar?
—Kevlar was the ideal aerospace material at the earliest. Due to the maturity and popularity of the process, it was mainly used to make bulletproof vests, cables, high-pressure hoses, transport belts, air-supported canopy materials high-pressure containers, rocket engine shells, and radome. Also, replace steel bars and so on in high-rise buildings, countless

Non-stick Fingerprint

Washed and stained, not afraid of dirt resistance

Support Simultaneous Charge Transmission

Bold copper wire provides a faster transmission experience

Multiple Colour Free to Choose

white /light green /purple /yellow /red /black



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